Specialty Ingredients

Gelatine Leaves – 44Gm

Gold Strength. Soak in cold water for a few minutes, squeeze dry and add to warm liquid, stir and the leaves dissolve perfectly leaving no lumps.

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We recommend that you store the gelatine leaves in a cool, dry place and use before the “best before date”. We hope you enjoy using our baking products.

Price: $5.25

CMC/Tylose – 50Gm

Add to rolled icing to harden or mix with water and make a glue for cake decorations.

Price: $4.95

Novelty Tin Release – 150Gm

A wonderful product that stops your cakes sticking to the tin. Use a pastry brush to spread the Novelty Tin Release on the base and sides of your tin, pour in your cake mixture and cook as normal. Once the cake is cooked the cake will tip out of the tin without sticking.

Price: $2.75

Meringue Powder

Use when making butter cream icing to give a good consistency and help icing crust

Price: $7.85