Special Offers

Bread Slicing Guide

Compact and made from very sturdy plastic the bread slicing guide will solve your bread slicing problems.  Slice thin slices for sandwiches and thick slices for toast.  Suits bread made in a bread machine or in a bread tin.

Price $32.95, order online NOW!


Pizza Stone With Rack


  • Made from high impact ceramic
  • Heats evenly so there are no hot spots and most importantly absorbs moisture to produce a perfect crispy base every time
  • The steel rack makes serving directly from oven to table easy and the stone remains hot so you can enjoy hot fresh baked pizza to the last bite.

Angel Cake Tin


  • Wilton Non Stick Cake Pan
  • Dishwasher Safe

Wilton Tilt n Mix 3 Piece Bowl Set

SPECIAL $34.95

  • Wilton 3 piece bowl set
  • Each bowl designed to sit on the bench at an angle for easy mixing
  • Non skid feet keep bowls in place, bowls tip at an angle without falling over.
  • Intergrated handles and spouts for easier pouring.